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Welcome to the website of Pagan386. Here you will find her Music, Videos, & Photography, links to her Blog, Twitterings, & anything else she can think of adding. Pagan386 grew up in South Bedfordshire running around the towns of Luton, Dunstable, Houghton Regis, & spent many a balmy childhood day skipping along the Chiltern Hills whilst avoiding vicious vampire wallabies that had escaped from Whipsnade zoo. During her childhood holidays with her Granny Stella & Great Aunt Emma in Wrentham in Suffolk, pagan386 also managed not to be swept away by coastal erosion & inbred Vikings at Covehithe beach on Lazy/Hazy sunday afternoons. She did however manage to make lovely sand castles. Sadly no pictures of her amazing sand building skills survive. Pagan386 has lived,worked, loved, protested & generally messed about in the suburbs & city of London for most of her adult life & continues to do so todate. It has also been noted that pagan386 comments occasionally on The Guardian CIF boards under the name of hannah quay. Why she continues to exist in this manner, she does not know, however she is rather happy to continue doing so. No part of this web site or its content are corporate owned or sponsored, (even my Twitter/Mastadon feeds are full of my own personal thoughts). It truly is my wee bit of the great cyberverse. /
All media content on this site is the copyright of CR Kent/pagan386/hannah quay
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