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Vampyre Consumarism

Written Words
(A Short story)

I had watched him for months. Taken my time hiding in the shadows of his life whilst he
played in the light. He was bathed in illumination, no darkness touched him. Halogen lamps
filled his world as did strobe lights, & bees wax candles. His laughter rang out like a
windsong answering a prey when he found yet another new toy to fill yet another waking hour.
Here was a man of wealth. Here was a man who could buy the world at the cost of it like so
many others....

After the long months of following, stalking my prey if you like, I decided i'd had
enough of Ikea, coffeee shops, car show rooms, & shopping malls of every kind.
He had fed upon the the world...That night I decided I would feed. Never knowing what had
pulled his mind away from his usual round of shopping & coffee consumption, he followed
my tall slim enticing figure into the dark alleyway. I could feel his hunger for something
new, something he wanted to own that others wouldnt have for at least three months before
it became least thats what he thought.

Into the darkness he came, stopping only for a heartbeat when he noticed the shadows closing
in around his bright shiny world. Slowly he followed where he assumed I had gone,
further into the dark mists of unholy reality...where I silently waited with eager
anticipation & a hip flask of cianti.

"I should have brought my super powerbeam longlife torch with me"..he jokingly
muttered to himself as he unknowingly passed where I hid in the shadows.
Before he had time to scream `elvis had a heart attack, coz he got to bleeding fat' my hands
were upon him. Spinning him round I allowed him a brief look at my cocky grin & threw him across
the stinking cess pool of an alley way he had followed me into. Frantically he tried to
scramble away from me as prowled along behind him, `im the cat with a canary' my minds
thoughts mocked him...

The Manchild stopped as his body slammed into the wall he had not seen in his frantic effort
to distance himself from me.

I spoke to him for the first time..."oooh, thats gotta hurt?"

Fear & loathing shone out from his clear brown eyes & I recall something else,
which at the time I found somewhat rather exciting....Anger.

"Who are you? what do you want? If you think you can steal my rolexwatch/mobile phone/
guchi shoes/platuinum friendship ring/tescos club card/......"

"Stop right there!!!!!" I interrupted in my I smoke 80 ciggies a day & can
sing the blues low seductive voice.

"But.." he spluttered with some indignance.

Kicking his feet from under him so he was flat on his back I stood over him. A dark angel
of death dressed rather cooly or so I thought in a black gothic fairy tu tu & dr martin

"Ive been watching you manchild" I stated.

I saw the pervy thoughts flicker behind his eyes.

Sighing & with a bored look I continued to speak "No not for voyeuristic pleasure,
think of it as window shopping"

Tilting my head slightly & with a smile I took a step back from his prone body

The mortal stayed on the floor but hitched himself up onto his elbows. Looking up at me
he rather haughtily replied " You know, Im a shopaholic dear, If you wanted to discuss
consumer tendencies we could have done that over a latte at caffe nero, although I
refuse to discuss walmart ..."

"oh lordy will you be quiet fool" I hissed in disney shop assistant menacing manner

The mortal shut up instantly.

Crouching down to his eye level I spoke again.

"Ive got something to show you, something that will fill you with a self loathing that will
suppass that, I bought something cos I couldnt wait to have it then saw it cheaper two
stores down kinda loathing".

The fear began to re emerge in his eyes...

Dragging the mortal to his feet I cammanded him to `look into my eyes'
Unfortunately he wasnt as tall as me & well you know he wasnt quite at eye level.

"THOSE ARE NOT MY EYES!!" Try looking upwards slightly"

His face gazed up at mine & he blushed somewhat "oops sorry, nice hooters though"

The sound of a person flying into garbage bins has a wonderfull resonating sound I thought
as I walked over to where he was struggling to get up.

Looking at me he snarled out a curse as he began to rise"You bitching psyco from h....."

My hands moved quicker than speeding booger flick , I had to silence his drivel again.

"Ive cut off the flow of blood to your brain & yes I know you watch Xena as well & yes the
Pinch does work"

The blood I so desired began to slowly trickle from his nose.

" he spluttered

"I told you mortal manchild im going to show you something, that something is all the evils
that your consumerist tendencies bring to this world. Then my pet, im gonna bleed you dry
just like a credit card company."

If it hadnt been for the Xena pinch I know his chilling scream would have filled the night
air, as it was he mearly squeaked. Undoing the pinch I again dragged him to his feet.

"Now I say again manchild...look into my eyes"

And he did so...the world around us faded away as I took him on a journey through strange
foreign lands that he had only seen in childrens books & travel brochures. I allowed him
a brief glance at 4 star resorts with big swimming pools & pinocaladas, but that was not
what I wanted for him to see. Deeper in to my eyes he fell & the darker the world became.

I showed him the eastern factories where the trainers of the god nike were
made for all of £5 but sold for 100 dollars more in the west & the conditions in which the
workers lived. He did not understand nor neither did he care.
Next I took him to the rainforests of brazil, the lungs of Earth, of beloved Gia. We saw the
felling of great tree's that were older than pyramids of eygpt all so he could buy a rather
nice coffee table from an unscrupulous western furniture supplier. We saw the clearing
of tribal lands so that he could have coffee sat at his illegally logged wood made
coffee table.

"NO MORE" The mortal cried " I get the picture, I see it all, I understand...
Its not my fault they dont have cable, or sattelite tv." He leaned into my arms & began
to cry.

I was stunned..aghast...gobsmacked even for all of perhaps two or three eternal seconds
till I finally managed to speak.

"What in the buggery bollox has cable & sattelite tv got to do with global dececration,
& its suffering?" I growled rather than asked politely.

He looked at me in anger...

"Oh dont patronise me you dark evil angel of death by echological conciousness wench type
hippy you! I know if those native people had cable they wouldnt bitch so much & protest
about progress, why they'd be very happy to see their trees go & replaced by a Rupert
Murdoch sattelite reciever. The simpsons are the opiate of the masses & bloody good stuff

Pickinging him up by his scrawny lilly white throat so he was truely level in my gaze I
Glared at him.

" I see you still have much to learn before I tear out your throat, you retarded consumerist

The fear began to seep from the pores of his skin covering his body in a layer of sweat
as I embraced him close to me. We began again to journey into the darkness that was covering
the world. He hid his face into my shoulders & tried to resist all that I showed him. But I
would not let him shy away from it all. The fizzzy drink bottle factories that took all the
water, the oil fields that poisoned the landscape for miles around, all for the right of
civillisation to drive 4x4's with cattle bars in the big cities empty of cows.
Finally I would not even allow him to turn away from the horror of the poverty that belied
the villages that harvested the coca beans to make chocolate easter bunnies that the indiginous
people could never afford reward their children with.

"Do you see what I see" I whispered all christmas caroly into his mind....

"NO more , please no more...I understand..perhaps they could have `the real thing' on tap
...I mean `the holidays are coming' & coca cola would give them a great hit of caffiene"
he whimpered, turning again into my dark eternal embrace.

I said nothing & lead him back to whence we came.....

We arrived back at the starting point of our journey. That cold dark alleyway with its
putrid smell of human excrement & wasted processed food decay. Pulling slightly away from
me the manchild looked up at me. The tears of waste falling freely from his eyes which shone
in the street light like pools of brown sewage water. I smiled....

The sound of a person flying into garbage bins really, really does have a wonderfull
resonating sound....I thought again as I stalked toward him, watching him tying to get up.

This mortal is so ignorant I concluded, as he begged & weeped on his knees for his
eternal soul. Mockingly I showed the incisors that would end his pathetic existance
& with a smile I spoke with the condecending attituded of an old soul that had seen what
Gia our Earth & humanity had become..

"Soul you say, You have no soul" my laughter filled the alleyway, I looked at him.
Such pity was in my gaze.

"You who are the emptyness of you consumerism. You've mearly filled the empty void
within you that once housed your soul with nothing more than products"

He stared up at me no longer crying, wiping his nose on his sleeve he spoke in voice so
quite, like that of a child chatised by a parent.

"I can change" He stated "I swear, I will control the hunger within that forces me to
buy fasion goods that are made in eastern sweatshops, I can cease with fizzy pops
from companies that have bottle plants that steals the water from indiginous villages
& then pumps them back poisoned water...."

I interupt his pathetic ramblings. Grabbing him by the throat & pulling him to his feet.
Pulling him close, allowing our breathes to mingle, his a lifstyle combination
of colgate ultra & superminty chewing gum & mine that of old world decay bloody mary
mixed with BritishAmerican cancerstick.

"Thats not enough"..I whisper enchantingly in his ear "what of acid rain & the depleting
ozone layer?"

Alowing him to step back, whilst keeping a firm grip on his throat we look deep into
each others eyes. "well?" I say

"I'll stop buying un echologically sound products like big gas guzzling motor cars" he
answers feebly..

I mearly continue to stare at him with one eyebrow raised

" I'll become a hippy, I'll hug trees...I'll wear kaftans & vegan sandals"

I smile lovingly which ceases his stumbling words of retribution, and hear his eratic heart
beat begin to calm. I let my hand fall free from its grasp & run a slim finger gently
across his throat, he sighs whilst smiling back at me. The rabbit let free from the trap.

"You'll do all these things?" I ask observing him with a slight tilt of my head.

"Oh god let me go & see if I dont" there is a laughter in is voice
that borders on hysterical. His mind voice chants to himself..`im free im free'
free from the trap.

"You wanna know something?" I ask with smile...

With movements quicker than the eye I have him again by his throat & pin him to the floor.
His beautiful brown eyes wide with fear & the question why why me.
Grinning evily with my canines showing to their full extent i speak to the lost manchild
for the last time.

"I dont want people to stop being consumers...for I am a vampyre the biggest consumer
capitalist of all..."

With that I sink my teeth into his neck & listen to the jingles of ronald macdonald,
mabeline, fly british airways along with thousends of others that are carried in his blood.
My vampyre heart sings with them as they begin to fade into an echo of the past, just has
his blood depletes & life force fades away into a dream.

Standing up I take a swig from my hip flask of cianti & thought `much better than
fava beans fft fft ftt' Turning I walk away from that human husk that means nothing
to me & as I leave the alley a voice of another child of the night echo's in my mind.

"Pagan you really shouldnt play with your food".

The End

Copyright paganfreak/pagan386/flossck 2023
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