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Tabloid Illusions

Written Words

Get your Bimbo Pictures daily
get money to fullfill your life.
Immerse yourself in a life of maybe
Dream away all the strife.

Ignore the mountain of red letters
search out credit you can ill afford.
Place yourself in  'wannabe' mythology
this will stop you getting bored.

Make your Mrs, Mr sexy
follow ten steps to boost in bed.
one can be Ken, one can be Barbie
Sexual 'norms' to be implanted in your head.

Tabloid outrage will define your ethics
show you the correct path to tread upon.
Try a simple step plan get rich pattern
Theres hot suburban sextips if it all goes wrong.

They that dance must pay the fidler
nothing is certain but death & taxes.
Flash a dream on every billboard
pacify,subdue, divided the masses.

Copyright paganfreak/pagan386/flossck 2023
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