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Trendy Suburbia

Written Words
Row upon row of shops,

selling overpriced little things.

That a consumer wants,

but doesnt need.

Edwardian houses in need of constant upkeep. Forget the Jones'.

This is full on competition throughout the community.

The community such as it is; media wannabes, finacial plebs

& barrista Iphone owners.

Out with the sun we all come

to procrastinate on street furniture

pretending we all have lives.

Whilst secretly concerned with bank balances & over hanging bills

lurking every week, every month.

Naked apes are we

so good at pretending we are...

That our heritage is that of a deity

which keeps us from the animal kingdom.

Half godlike children,

trapped in this mortal coil.

Drowning in consumerism to keep us amused,

until we die.

What is this life worth?

Should wealth be in trinkets?

In thoughts?

In deeds?

The alter of Mammon competes foe service with religion.

21st century Monkeys look on in awe,

at the facade of glitter & the Emperors new clothes

of no substance.

pagan386 25/5/12
Copyright paganfreak/pagan386/flossck 2023
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